CIM Submission Criteria



Submission Criteria for Clinical and Investigative Medicine Trainee Section


We are currently accepting submissions in the following categories:

i. Original Articles (English only)
(3,000 words, up to 50 references)
MD+ trainee are encouraged to be first author on this article

ii. Case Reports (English only)
(2,000 words, up to 25 references)
MD+ trainee should be first author on this article

iii. Review Articles (English or French)
(7,500 words, up to 100 references)
Submissions from a published thesis will NOT be accepted

iv. First Chapter of Thesis (English or French)
(7,500 words, up to 100 references)
We do not accept submissions from a published thesis
MD+ trainee should be first author on this article

v. Journal Club (maximum: 3 authors) (English only)
(1,500 words, up to 15 references)
(A critique of an article published in the last issue of CIM. Submissions for journal club must be received within four weeks of the issue being published)

vi. Book Reviews (maximum: 3 authors) (English or French)
(Topics should be relevant to clinician-investigator trainees)
(1,500 words, up to 15 references)

vii. Opinion Pieces / Letter to the Editor (maximum: 3 authors) (English or French)
(1,500 words, up to 15 references)
(Letters in response to published articles should be received within four weeks of the issue being published)

viii. News Updates / Upcoming events (maximum: 3 authors) (English or French)
(1,500 words, up to 15 references)
(National or Provincial events that are relevant to clinician-investigator trainees)


Submissions must comply with the CIM submission guidelines found online at:

Please submit your article to the CIM Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Jonathan Angel : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Authorship and Copyright

Authors should submit a separate Cover Letter, signed by all authors, stipulating that all persons listed as authors have contributed to preparing the manuscript, and that no person or persons other than the authors listed have contributed significantly in its preparation. Authors will be asked to transfer copyright of articles accepted for publication to the Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation. The Cover Letter of submitted manuscripts should be accompanied by letters granting permission to reproduce previously published materials or to use illustrations that may identify subjects.

Manuscripts describing investigations carried out in humans will not be accepted for publication unless the text states, at the beginning of the Methods section, that the study has been approved by, and carried out according to the instructions of the author's institutional Human Investigations or Ethics Committee. Reports of investigations in animals will not be accepted for publication unless the text states that the study was approved by the author's institutional Animal Investigation Committee.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Patients have a right to privacy that should not be infringed without informed consent. Identifying information, including patients' names, initial, or hospital numbers should not be published in written description, photographs and pedigrees unless the information is essential for scientific purposes and the patient (or parent or guardian) gives written informed consent for publication. Informed consent for this purpose requires that a patient who is identifiable be shown the manuscript to be published.

Submission letter

A cover letter, signed by all authors, should state that:

1. The design and conduct of the work was performed by all the authors,

2. The manuscript has been written, read, and approved by all the authors, and

3. The material has not been published, whole or in part, and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

4. The manuscript submission is for the CIM Trainee Section

5. Please suggest up to three potential reviewers and provide their contact information. Please list up to three reviewers that you would like excluded from this process.

• Financial support for the work and potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed.



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