Canadian Clinical Investigator Training Programs

Please visit the content pages below to learn about each Canadian institution that offers one or more Clinical Investigator training programs. These include MD/MSc, MD/PhD, CIP, Surgeon Scientist, Medical Scientist and other programs.

The following information is an overview and is not meant to provide complete details for each program. For further information about deadlines, application protocols and more, please visit the program links provided.


1 University of Alberta
2 University of British Columbia
3 University of Calgary
4 Dalhousie University
5 Université Laval
6 University of Manitoba
7 McGill University
8 McMaster University
9 Memorial University of Newfoundland
10 Université de Montréal
11 University of Ottawa
12 University of Saskatchewan
13 Université de Sherbrooke
14 University of Toronto
15 University of Western Ontario
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