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  • 2016 AGM/YIF Meeting Announced!

    Wednesday, 16 September 2015 17:24
  • 2015 CITAC AGM Follow-up and YIF Award Winners

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  • 2015 AGM/YIF Registration/Abstract Deadline Oct 12, 2015!

    Wednesday, 16 September 2015 17:24
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2014 CSCI/CITAC AGM - Presentation Workshop

Annual Meetings - Annual General Meetings

CSCI/CITAC/CIP Presentation workshop

Objectives of workshop:
1. To enhance skills in delivering a short presentation regarding your research.
2. To gain experience in providing constructive feedback

Each small group is facilitated by one faculty member.
Facilitator reviews plan for the workshop and procedures.
Topic of presentation is specific to level of trainees:
MD/PhD: Describe the first aim of your research project
CIP: An elevator talk to your department chair regarding your research findings or your plans for your future career once your training is completed.
(Please prepare ahead of time)

The workshop proceeds in the following sequence for each trainee:

  • Each trainee is filmed via a computer during the presentation
  • Facilitator readies the computer and trainee to start the presentation and filming
  • trainee makes presentation while being filmed
  • Other trainees and facilitators listen to presentation without interruption
  • At end of presentation, the trainee goes to a separate area and reviews the presentation facilitated by a trainee, the other trainees and facilitators discuss 3 strengths and 3 areas of improvement for the presentation over approx 5 minutes
  • trainee returns and first comments on the experience and then receives the feedback from a trainee colleague;
  • On to the next trainee and so on until each trainee has presented
  • After all presentations, facilitators lead a discussion on lessons learned. (evaluation of learning as per CIP requirement)

Trainees reviewing the live presentation should assess:

  • Does the presenter capture the audience's attention and promote engagement
  • Organization of presentation
  • Content – quality and quantity
  • Presentation of self and engagement with audience including language, body language and eye contact
  • Pace of presentation

Feedback to trainees should be focused for the purpose of facilitating change and should be led by trainee colleagues

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