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University of Saskatchewan

Resources - Canadian Clinical Investigator Training Programs


MD/MSc and MD/PhD Programs

At the University of Saskatchewan, the combined MD/MSc and MD/PhD programs are for interested undergraduate medical students wishing a career as a clinicial scientist. Areas of research interest may spread from the molecular to the social/population determinants of health.


Director: Dr. Jim Thornhill

Program Web Site


Program status (2010-2011): Inactive

MD/MSc trainees: 0

MD/PhD trainees: 0

Clinician Investigator Program

For Residents committed to an academic career the College of Medicine offers the Clinical Investigators Program (CIP). There are one or two positions available per year to an eligible Resident in any of the Specialty Training Programs at the University of Saskatchewan.


Director: TBA

Program Web Site


Program status (2010-2011): Active


CIP trainees: 5 (as of 2013-2014)

Number of spaces available annually: 1-2


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