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We are pleased to announce that the Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation (CSCI) and CITAC-ACCFC have established an innovative opportunity for early career development through the creation of a CIM Trainee Section in the Clinical and Investigative Medicine (CIM) journal. An article on the creation of a Trainee Section is featured in the February issue of the CIM.

CITAC-ACCFC is a national organization composed of MD+ trainees enrolled in an MD/MSc, MD/PhD, or Clinician Investigator Program (CIP) across Canada. Since its inception three years ago, CITAC-ACCFC has relied on the CSCI for mentorship and guidance.

Through the CIM Trainee Section, MD+ trainees, their supervisors, MD+ Program Directors, and faculty members, will be able to focus on mentorship, academic training, financial planning, and career development, among other topics devoted to MD+ trainees. Further, as MD+ organizations are being established globally, the CIM Trainee Section will strive to become an international forum that focuses on MD+ training. We aim to engage MD+ trainees, program directors, university administration, and other leaders in education, to advocate for issues of national and global relevance. In addition to highlighting the research activities of trainees, the Trainee Section will also feature clinical work, review articles, first chapter of theses, book reviews, and opinion pieces. This focus will complement CIM’s focus on original research and topics of interest to the CSCI.

As trainees will be overseeing the editorial and peer-review process of the Trainee Section, we will ensure that articles are reviewed in a fair and timely manner, respecting the need to promptly publish articles of immediate relevance.

As MD+ trainees, we are optimistic about the future of both basic science and clinical research. This is an exciting time to be an MD+ trainee, and we are confident that the creation of a Trainee Section will only augment this positive experience.




Contact information: Chair, CIM Trainee Committee ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )



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