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2011-2012 Administrative Committees

Administration - Administrative Committees

Annual Meeting Planning Committee
Each year, CITAC-ACCFC hosts an Annual General Meeting to which all CITAC-ACCFC members are welcome to attend. The meeting features training sessions relevant to clinician investigator career options, networking and mentorship events, scientific symposia and more.

  • Chair: Farzad Jamshidi

CIM Editorial Committee 
The Clinical and Investigative Medicine (CIM) Journal is operated by the Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation (CSCI). CITAC-ACCFC has an agreement with the CIM to provide content produced by CITAC members that will be reviewed and edited by an editorial committee composed of CITAC members. This content is published in a 'Trainee Section' of the CIM journal.

  • Chair: Kevin Wang
Senior Editors:
  • Brian Ballios (University of Toronto)
  • Derek Chu (McMaster University)
  • Adam Durbin (University of Toronto)
  • David Hui (University of British Columbia)
  • Janine Hutson (University of Toronto)
  • Kirsten Niles (McGill University)
  • Mohammed Shamji (University of Ottawa)
Junior Editors:
  • Dominick Bossé (Université de Sherbrooke)
  • Claire Heslop (University of British Columbia)
  • Sara Kuruvilla (McMaster University)
  • Grace Lam (University of Toronto)
  • Harry Marshall (University of Western Ontario)
  • Daniel Miller (University of Calgary)
  • Jean-Christophe Murray (Université de Sherbrooke)
  • Jane Ng (University of British Columbia)
Internal Reviewers:
  • Fahad Alkherayf (University of Ottawa)
  • Michael Chiu (University of Calgary)
  • Angela Hyde (Memorial University)

CIP Committee
The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) accredits Clinician Investigator Programs (CIPs) at various institutions across Canada. These programs are utilized by residents in different medical and surgical disciplines and provide the trainee with the opportunity to complete graduate level training (MSc or PhD) during their residency program. The CITAC-ACCFC CIP committee represents the unique needs and interests of this large group of CITAC members.

  • Chair: Sara Kuruvilla

Finance Committee
In order to maintain its independence, CITAC-ACCFC raises funds for operations and for special programming, including the Annual General Meeting. The Finance Committee is responsible for fundraising and curating of the economic aspects of CITAC-ACCFC projects.


  • Chair: Linda Vi


Membership Committee
The Membership Committee oversees the management of CITAC-ACCFC membership issues.

  • Chair: Ghadi Antoun

Mentorship Committee
Mentorship is perhaps the most important factor in determining the success of a trainee's experience in a clinician investigator program. While many trainees have several unofficial mentors, the CITAC-ACCFC mentorship committee oversees the CITAC-ACCFC programs that augment mentorship opportunities for clinician investigator trainees at local and external institutions.

  • Chair: Adrienne Elbert

Policy Committee
The Policy Committee oversees the development and modification of internal CITAC-ACCFC policy documents, as well as the development of position papers and policy statements used to lobby external organizations and stakeholders with interests in training clinician investigators in Canada and international communitites.

  • Chair: Gareth Mercer

Special Projects Committee
CITAC-ACCFC engages in many different initiatives during each fiscal year. The Special Projects Committee oversees the timing, design and execution of these projects from year to year.


  • Chair: Saara Rawn



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