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Information Dissemination Strategies

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Information Dissemination Strategies

1. Website
The website will be the main information gateway for CITAC. In this site, there will be read-only web-pages for public access, but also forum-based discussions that registered users can participate in. If each trainee has an online profile, the site could also be a means to track all the trainees, since they could update their own profiles.

2. Annual Meeting
A priority of the CITAC will be to hold an annual meeting, which could include scientific, networking and CITAC administrative discussions. Currently, the CSCI is a great initial forum that CITAC aims to get more involved with. Ideally, CITAC will aim to organize student-driven young investigators forum, either at CSCI or independently, that could be attended by all CITAC trainees. This is also where alumni, program directors, residency directors and policy-makers can gather and counsel current students or establish mentorship relationships. There is also a strong social component to this meeting, as communication and collaboration across the country is a goal of the CITAC.

3. Newsletter
Every year or bi-annually, a newsletter containing new and relevant information will be sent to all clinician investigator trainees in Canada. This will outline activities of the CITAC and include information regarding research and/or clinical training in Canada.

4. Publications
In order to increase public and high-level institution awareness (e.g. CIHR, RCPSC), we intend to publish our activities in Canadian medical journals and institutional newsletters. This will also be done at the local level by university reps, concerning relevant local issues.

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